Praise for Grays Baptist Church by Ofsted

Grays Baptist

OFSTED has high praised a pre-school based at Grays Baptist Church after a recent inspection.

The government watchdog visited the Orsett Road premises in September.

The report states:

Young children settle well and make strong attachments to staff. Staff are dedicated to the children in their care and provide them with emotional stability.

Children are making progress in their learning and development. Monitoring systems show that they are improving consistently from their starting points over a sustained period. Any gaps between the attainments of groups of children, including those for whom the pre-school receives additional funding, are closing.

Staff work hard to develop children’s emerging communication and language skills and monitor their progress closely. Children who speak English as an additional language are supported well.

Staff work closely with parents and involve them in their children’s learning. They conduct early and ongoing assessments of children’s development in partnership with parents, including a progress check for two-year-old children.

Managers and staff reflect on their practice and evaluate the impact this has on children’s development. They seek the views of parents and children and often include their suggestions in their planning.

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