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Gateway Academy boost their self esteem

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Gateway Esteem

THE Gateway Academy were recently treated to a free visit from the wonderful Self Esteem Team to work with some of its female students. Teaming up with Bodyform, The Self Esteem Team have been trying to smash period taboos and tackle the issue of period poverty with their #AboutBloodyTime campaign.

The two organisations want to reach up to 2,500 girls aged between 12 and 18 with free, bespoke classes that will tackle issues of body confidence and self-esteem, as well as taboos surrounding menstruation. This comes after a recent Bodyform survey revealed that 40 per cent of British girls aged between 12 and 18 regard periods as dirty, shameful, embarrassing or disruptive to everyday life and 24 per cent of women admit to feeling uncomfortable buying feminine hygiene products.

Assistant Principal, Mrs Sarah Fletcher, said “It is vital to encourage young girls not to be ashamed about their bodies, but also to give them a forum to ask and answer questions where they feel safe. All of the girls grew in confidence, answering questions about topics they may usually feel too shy to discuss in class.

Alongside a very supportive pastoral system at the Academy, the sessions were very beneficial and we are hoping Maz and the team will be back again soon to work with us on Mental Health, exam practise as well as boys’ and girls’ self- esteem classes.”


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