Saturday, July 13, 2024

Labour organise coffee morning with Asian women

Qaisar Women

“Coffee Morning with Asian Women”

THURROCK Labour Party’s Ethnic Minorities Officer Mr. Qaisar Abbas arranged coffee morning for Asian Women in West Thurrock. The meeting was also attended by Thurrock Labour Party’s Vice Chairperson Ms. Lee Watson.

Mr. Abbas welcomed women’s delegation which was headed by Ms. Neetu Jurek and said “It was great to hear their thoughts and to sit together and discuss ways we can work together. I hope to carry this on and also include other women of the community to take part in local politics as women’s participation is very important.”

At this occasion Ms. Jurek said “We are very pleased to have this opportunity. This is first time that local asian women were invited to share their views on local issues and we thank Mr. Abbas for giving us this opportunity.”


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