Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Essex Chamber of Commerce in meeting with Jeremy Corbyn

JezzaTODAY (Thursday 30 November 2017) as part of The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn MP’s visit to Southend, Essex Chambers of Commerce organised a private round table meeting with some of its Members in Southend to discuss local employment and skills, housing, infrastructure and public services.

There was some useful discussion from the varied businesses present and Jeremy and his team took away some key points about the issues that are important to businesses, including the need to improve the town’s road and rail infrastructure, to develop the skills base in and around Southend and encourage the take up of apprenticeships, and what businesses might be able to do to support the less well-off and more vulnerable members of society, not just in Southend but also in the rural areas around South Essex.

Denise Rossiter, Chief Executive of Essex Chambers of Commerce said, ‘We regularly meet with local MPs and Members of the Government, but it is equally important for us to engage with the opposition parties in Westminster as well, so we were more than happy to be able to arrange for Jeremy Corbyn to hear from Members of Essex Chambers about what is concerning them.

“Today was a great example of how Essex Chambers of Commerce works hard for its members to put them in touch with politicians and policy makers of all levels and parties, to ensure local views are being listened to within Westminster’.


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