Fresh planning application for new St Luke’s Hospice


A PLANNING application, which if approved, will kick-start the development of St Luke’s new hospice at Malgraves Farm was submitted to Thurrock Council last week (15th December 2017)

The proposal, which is being brought forward by the new owner of the site, Skye Strategic Land, will deliver the new hospice for St Luke’s, which originally received planning consent, together with 50 new homes, in 2015.

Skye Strategic Land purchased the site following the decision of the previous owners to withdraw from the development citing changing market conditions – particularly a reduced demand for large four to five bedroom homes.

The new application will safeguard the delivery of the hospice to St Luke’s, which will be provided in the same form as consented in 2015. Enabling St. Luke’s to expand its In-patient capacity by a further six beds, Outpatient facilities, Children and Adult Counselling and Support Services and provide a new Learning Support Centre.

Eileen Marshall, Chief Executive of St. Luke’s Hospice, commented:
’We are pleased to be working with Skye Strategic Land on the Malgraves development project, and we welcome the priority they are placing on the Hospice build.  I can confirm that there are to be no changes in this new planning application from the one already approved by the Council with regards to the Hospice building, its use or the surrounding Hospice grounds’’.

The building of the hospice for St Luke’s will be fully funded through the development of 80 new homes for sale. The homes will vary in size and be more suited to the housing needs of the area. With the total built area and boundaries of the site remaining unchanged from the consented scheme.

Carl Lewis, Director, Skye Strategic Land, added:

“St Luke’s patients, staff, volunteers and supporters have had to wait over two years for their new hospice. The submission of this planning application, which we hope will be approved, will finally deliver the facilities they require to continue to provide the end of life care that terminally ill patients and all the people who use Hospice services in the local community deserve. Skye Strategic has committed to commence the construction of the hospice at the same time as the construction of the houses. Depending on the receipt of a timely planning permission construction of the hospice could be underway by mid-2018.”

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