Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thurrock Council committee recommend U-Turn on “Garden Tax”


THE Council’s Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee met on Tuesday December 20 and reviewed the grounds maintenance charge for tenants which was suspended in September.

During the meeting members discussed a wide range of charging options and the impact each of those options would have, until finally deciding to recommend to Cabinet that the proposed grounds maintenance charge is withdrawn.

By not having a separate charge, the full cost of grounds maintenance services will have to be met by all tenants from the general housing budget. As a result, some expenditure on capital works will be delayed and de-prioritised.

Chair of the committee, Cllr Luke Spillman spoke after the meeting and said: “While the Committee agrees that the general housing budget remains challenging to manage, we don’t believe it’s fair to impose this additional cost on tenants.

“The committee accepted that the 1% rent decrease has placed pressure on the housing budget. However, we recommended that these pressures should not be met through increasing this cost to those residents currently receiving the service.

“I’m pleased that the charges were recommended to have further review by the leader of the council and that this committee was given another opportunity to consider the recommendations.”


  1. Yet another U-Turn for the Conservatives. Thatcher would turn in her grave.
    Thiurrock Conservatives are for turning . Well you turn if you want too.

  2. I wonder if the council is still going to charge residents living in tower blocks the communal lighting/heating, secure door entry and lift maintenance charges or are they going to continue to screw us over now that they have had to U-turn on the Grass Tax?

  3. I hope not myles. I’m still waiting till they decide to charge us for Oxygen.
    Then tax it.
    Then privatise it.
    then it is owned by
    foreign ownership..

  4. And people wonder why far right parties are gaining ground all over Europe. People are starting to realise mainstream politics are designed to screw them over…….time to think about a serious change in direction….it’s just a matter of time.

  5. I only hope this decision will ensure the council drop the heavy charges being placed on residents of Sheltered Accomodation, £5.00 extra per week from Sept 2017 increasing to £8.00 April 2018 and £10 in April 2019.
    A extra £40 per month for those not on benefits without any rent and council increases and now even less services to the residents, disgraceful!

  6. How about Thurrock Council have an Incompetence Tax..what a great idea, they wouldn’t even need to look outside their offices to get all the funding they need.


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