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MP Stephen Metcalfe backs campaign for new royal yacht

A CAMPAIGN to commission a new royal yacht has been backed by South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Stephen Metcalfe.

Royal Yacht Edinburgh

Royal Yacht

A letter sent to ministers urging the government to support the project was co-signed by 50 MPs.

The MPs argue that, as the UK leaves the European Union, now is the time for a new Royal Yacht Britannia as a new symbol of Global Britain, designed and built domestically to showcase the best of UK shipbuilding and industry and as a platform for promoting trade.

Paid for by a new lottery, along with other complementary sources of funding, there will be no call upon departmental budgets to pay for the vessel, he has said.

The previous royal yacht – HMY Britannia – was controversially decommissioned by Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1997 after more than 40 years in service.

A secret naval design for a replacement for Britannia was drawn up by naval staff and approved by representatives of the Royal Family but the Labour Government refused to pay for it.

HMY Britannia, which is now a visitor attraction in Edinburgh, conducted 968 official visits and clocked up more than a million miles at sea.

On her last deployment to the Far East, commercial trade deals of some £2.75bn were signed on board to the benefit of the UK.


  1. Typical out of touch MP’s willing to pay for a yacht for the privileged fewand then say to the voters we have to live within our means and there is no magic money tree. When it comes to our NHS

  2. Catching the bus…it will be paid for by another Remember my friend there is only one lottery winner!!!
    Brownie points for anyone who guesses who??

  3. What about the lottery being for the NHS instead of a bloody dingie. I bet it will have a billion dollar hole in the side of it just like our new aircraft carrier.

  4. Lol..CTB come on now, be fair would it not be better madge just uses the aircraft carrier. Turning up with that to do trade deals surely will sway more influence…when the leaks fixed!

  5. I would rather people be fead and not need foodbanks. IMHO.

    I can see the headline “queen” the countrys biggest dole claimant
    Gets a yacht from the taxpayer.

    she can pay for it from Her offshore tax haven money.

    and the sick thing is the tories dont see any wrong in this but the poor sure do.

  6. I agree my friend, we should not have a need for food banks in the 5/6th biggest economy in the world. Problem is in true historic tradition Labour spent all the money plus more and the Tories are trying to balance the books and can’t.
    But one must remember Britain is full of W****rs that moan and do nothing and that’s why we get walked all over, the main parties know this and laugh their heads off at the pathetic electorate.
    Vote for an alternative and LETS MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN and put the money where it is genuinely needed.

  7. I take it you mean UKIPrick.
    They are tories on a nationalistic trip. There is no place for nationalism in the modern world.
    They dont have the answers now we are leaving. even Nigel has done a runner.

  8. Your wrong there my friend. Nationalism is the fastest growing area of politics around the globe and thats what is frightening the wets.
    UKIP brought about thing that’s happened to the UK for years.
    People need to wake up, but the British are so apathetic they will sleepwalk into any old bulls**t the main parties spin.

  9. Nationalism is what got a lot of good people killed throughout history and Nationalism will lead to WW3 and the end of us all. It would only need a regional conflict between two nuclear nations with 40 nukes gone off to wipe life out on the planet that radiation sure spreads you know.

    Nationalism is evil. We are not superior to other nations, no nation is.

  10. None of us want a nuclear war and lets be fair it’s unlikely to happen as everyone knows the consequences. As Eisenstein said ‘ there will be no winners or losers,just survivors’ so lets not scare monger there old chap.
    No one is claiming to be a better nation either, that’s old hat. People just want change from the old guard taking us all for mugs and that is now starting to manifest right across Europe thank God.
    Britain will be so much better off out of the corrupt European Union. They will slap our legs hard to make sure no one else follows, after that Britain can work at become a role model for the collapse of the EU as we know it.

  11. That’s what nationalism is thinking your country is better than the others.
    Definition of Nationalism
    “an extreme form of patriotism marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.”
    I could understand being patriotic but not nationalism.
    If Nationalism is the fastest growing area as you said we will be heading into dark times.

    By the way Which UKIP candidate are you?

  12. I am not a UKIP candidate my friend, just a working guy sick and tired of being screwed by every successive political party.
    Talk to people now and they want to be treated fairly and have law and order in a country we can be proud of, I’m no different.
    What we don’t need is wet socialist policies of the Labour party or the unfair ‘keep the boys in jobs’ of the Tories.
    Not sure how we got to this from the Royal Yacht but it is a good debut.
    By the way you must be a Labour supporter surely.

  13. No I am not a Labour voter. I class myself a Green
    But I am also sick of the lies and betrayal of politics.
    Lets both agree that JDP has to go. Nice chat

  14. I agree. I am a huge conservationist so I guess we have a lot in common.
    Thanks for the chat.
    Happy New Year to you.


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