Wednesday Traffic and Travel: Strong winds causing disruption

0810 hrs

Highways England

Traffic has been released M25 A/C/W and the A282 #Dartford east bore tunnel is now fully open. Please be aware there are long delays in the area, so please plan ahead and leave extra time if heading that way.

There are currently delays on the M25 anti-clockwise and the A282 northbound due to an earlier closure of the east bore tunnel in response to strong wind speeds.

The closure has been removed and all lanes/tunnels are now open, however, due to the delays, road users are advised to plan ahead, leaving plenty of additional travelling time and to consider taking alternative routes where possible.

0700 hrs

ROAD users advised that there is a possibility the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge will be closed this morning (Wednesday 3rd January) for safety reasons, due to strong winds from Storm Eleanor.

Highways England are closely monitoring wind speeds closely before making any decision to close the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and our decision will always be based on the safety of road users as a priority.

Due to the possibility of the closure of the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge the east tunnel will remain closed throughout this morning as it needs to remain available at short notice to allow southbound traffic to divert from the Bridge.

Traffic travelling on the M25 anticlockwise to take the A282 from Kent into Essex via the Dartford Tunnels will be affected by the closure of the east tunnel and should expect significant delays as a result. If possible please consider alternative routes or delaying your journey until both tunnels have been returned to use by northbound traffic. Please note that the closure of the east tunnel means there will be a height restriction of 15’9 feet (4.8m) in place.

Should the bridge be closed traffic travelling on the M25 clockwise will be diverted through the east tunnel.

Drivers planning to travel are encouraged to plan their journey in advance and check the latest weather and traffic conditions along the route.

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