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Bid by Aveley FC to have community contribution reduced refused by Planning Committee

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AN application to reduce the amount of funding for essential infrastructure to mitigate the impact of a housing development in Aveley was refused by the council’s Planning Committee on Thursday evening (11 January).

The application from Aveley Football Club asked to modify the previously agreed s.106 planning obligation from £522,000 to a reduced figure of £311,520, a reduction of £210,480.

The Aveley Football Club site at Mill Lane was sold to Persimmon for housing, requiring a s.106 contribution to mitigate the impact of the development on the community. The club subsequently built enhanced facilities at Belhus Park/Parkside and cited land purchase and development cost increases as the reason for the request to reduce the amount.

Chair of Planning, Cllr Tom Kelly said after the meeting: “If the committee had accepted this change, it would have meant significantly less money to pay for essential infrastructure, such as improvements to schools in the area.

“We have taken a balanced approach to the proposal – the housing development required a s.106 contribution, the houses are being built and there is still a requirement for the contribution. The fact that the football club have overspent should not result in the community losing out.”

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  1. Tom Kelly – what a load of rubbish!

    A section 106 is a legal backhander pure and simple. It is a case of a developer making some money and greedy councils wanting a slice of it.
    No wonder there’s a housing crises.


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