Thursday, July 25, 2024

UKIP Housing spokesperson delighted at Grass Tax U-Turn

UKIP are delighted by the Tory U-turn over the grass tax. However serious questions need to be asked how reports managed to go through two cabinet meetings without the Tory administration understanding the basic consequences of the policy they were voting through? This raises serious question marks about the competence of the leader of the council and his cabinet.

Cllr Luke Spillman, UKIP Thurrock Housing Spokesman, stated: “this was an attempt to enforce an entirely flawed, unfair and regressive tax on council tenants across Thurrock. A tax designed to plug a funding gap created by a disastrous Tory government policy that has created a funding crisis in every housing department up and down the country.”

UKIP Thurrock Group Leader, Cllr Graham Snell added: “It is amusing to see Labour running around in election mode claiming credit for this U-turn when it has been so clearly highlighted that failures by the previous Labour chair of the housing committee are largely to blame for this awful tax so nearly being imposed.

“Let voters be under no illusion. This U-turn is the result of the amazing efforts of residents and the UKIP decision to call for a vote of no confidence in the leader of the council if the policy wasn’t reversed. If there is any back-tracking from the Tories on this issue, then UKIP will not hesitate in a motion calling for a change of political leadership at the council.”


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