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Gateway Academy student Katie praised in Royal Opera House competition

THE Art department at the Gateway Academy have been searching for a special designer as part of the Royal Opera House Design Challenge 2017-18. Since September, and after a visit to the Victoria & Albert Opera Exhibition in November, the students have had several visits from Royal Opera House staff and designers to help and support the students.

Each participating student worked through the six stages of design using a real director’s brief, building a portfolio of their process and a final piece in one of the four categories, to which Katie chose Costume Design.

Winners of the competition will be invited to exhibit their work as part of the Opera: Passion, Power and Politics exhibition at the V&A Museum on Friday 9 February 2018. They will also be invited to see a matinee performance at the Royal Opera House during half term, including a backstage tour and some time with the industry professionals in the relevant Royal Opera House department.

Winning Year 11 Textiles student at the Gateway Academy, Katie, said “I am really proud that I have got this far into the process already and I enjoyed all the research and creations. Miss O’Dwyer gave me lots of advice on how I can improve my work and I found this really helpful. Our trip to the Victoria & Albert Museum recently helped in the thought process of how I approached part of my designs.”

Art teacher, Miss Rachel O’Dwyer, said “I was involved in the preliminary writing of the Design Challenge as this is the first year that the competition has been implemented into KS4. Before now, it was only for Sixth Form students, so it has been a fantastic opportunity to be one of the Flagship Schools for the KS4 Design Challenge. We are delighted to put forward Katie, and wish her lots of luck!”

Head of School, Mrs Grainne McLaughlin, said “We are very proud of Katie for representing our school in such a high profile and worthwhile competition. I know the entries were to a good standard and the final decision was a well-deserving one for our nominated student, Katie.”

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