Wednesday, July 24, 2024

MP asks Prime Minister to bring forward building of new Thames Crossing

A KENT MP has urged the government to move ahead with building a LowerThames crossing saying it would give a significant boost to the economy.

Ashford MP Damian Green raised the issue during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) today (Wednesday) where he said that the scheme was an example of the government’s commitment to large-scale infrastructure.

He said that as many as 5,000 jobs could be created during the building of the project and provide a significant boost to the economy.

“It’s vital for long-term prosperity that the government maintains infrastructure investment.

“With this in mind, can I encourage the government to a practical idea and make an early start on the Lower Thames Crossing between Kent and Essex which would create 5,000 jobs, relieve pressure and create an economic boost to the whole side of the east of England?”

The PM said the scheme would unlock economic and growth opportunities for the region and the country.

She also acknowledged that not all living in the area supported the project.

“It will offer better connections and journeys and it is part of the biggest roads investment for a generation.”

There would be “further opportunities” for people to have their say, she added.

Such schemes had the potential to make a huge impact on both the regional and national economy, she said.


  1. The sooner we get building The Margaret Thatcher Thames Crossing the better. With all the traffic flow problems that have occurred of late, this is the best suggestion to come from parliament for a long time.
    Lets get this moving and stop whinging.

  2. I do not support Maggie Crossing if that’s the name.
    She rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way.

  3. What a legacy we are leaving our grandchildren in the new London Borough of Thurrock.
    The privatisation, and ruination of the NHS.
    More and wider roads, which will encourage more traffic and thus more gridlocks and pollution.
    More housing to encourage even more people to cheaper than London Thurrock.
    Its all depressing, and it doesn’t matter what the majority of local residents want, and it doesn’t matter what our politicians say.
    These changes will come to pass. Its called a capitalistic democracy.
    No, its called greedy progress for the rich.

  4. The new Margaret Thatcher Thames Crossing is desperately needed in the new London Borough of Thurrock to help alleviate the well known congestion issues of the Dartford Crossing.
    I agree with jmw118 it is all very depressing. The London crime wave has come to Thurrock, you only have to read this site to see that. More housing will come with the new crossing. More pollution – we have some of the worse pollution levels in UK.
    However, I do not agree we have a democracy in UK. We are told who to vote for, people are not listened to, just given lip service. Corruption and incompetence is rife and that’s exactly why we will have all this development imposed upon us that residents don’t want.


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