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Ten more litter bugs named and shamed by Thurrock Council

Ten more litter offenders prosecuted

LITTER offenders who spoil the borough and don’t pay their fine will still face a criminal record, Thurrock’s Leader of the Council has warned.

In the last year, the Council has fined 3,493 people showing action is taken against those who don’t pay their fine. The Council so far has successfully prosecuted 107 people with other cases in the pipeline.

Thurrock Council launched its clean it, cut it, fill it initiative to improve street cleansing, grass cutting and roads across the borough in December 2015.

At last year’s June Cabinet, members agreed to increase the littering FPN fine value to the maximum permissible amount of £80 and is part of the Council’s zero approach to littering.

Council enforcement officers have been working across the borough to keep it clean for residents to enjoy.

The court hearing on 9 January saw ten people found guilty, given a criminal record and ordered to pay a fine.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill said: “Residents want us to take action against those spoiling the borough. Anyone who is caught littering our streets will be fined wherever they live.

“There are more prosecutions to come in order to tackle the blight of an untidy borough. We have successfully prosecuted six people who are not residents, showing we will take action against anyone who offends.

“These prosecutions build on the work we have already done. Since October 2017, 107 people have been prosecuted for non-payment of litter fines.

“Residents want us to take action against leaving litter in our borough.

“Everyone has a choice – put your litter in a bin or risk a fine, a day in court and a criminal record.”

The names of those prosecuted are:

Mr Paul Brown of Redcar Lane, Redcar was fined £608
Mr Tom Clark of Warsett Road, Marske By The Sea, Redcar was fined £608
Miss Sophie Lawrence of Jubilee Drive, Fleet was fined £608
Mr Dannie Roper of Fountains Road, Ipswich was fined £608
Mr Benjamin Murdoch of Lower Farm Road, Maidstone was fined £608
Mr Bruno Ribeiro Ferro of Honington, Bury St Edmunds was fined £608
Mr Sikora of Second Avenue, Grays was fined £608
Mr Robin Smith of Hathaway Road, Grays was fined £608
Mr Kevin Mohan of Chaple Close, West Thurrock was fined £608
Mr Joe Nicholas of Brunell Close, Tilbury was fined £535

Total: £6,007

Between October 17 to 8 January 2018

Total number of prosecutions – 36
Total fines – £6,683
Total costs – £9,660
Total victim surcharge – £1,050
Total – £19,302


  1. The London Borough of Thurrock is still a s**thole. And I bet the council didn’t ring fence the money for environmental projects.


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