Thursday, July 25, 2024

Thurrock Labour hit back at Thurrock Independents: “Just a bunch of UKIP councillors desperate to hang on to their seats”.

THE LEADER of the Thurrock Labour group has hit back at claims by the newly formed Thurrock Independents, that they are peddling “Fake News”.

The Thurrock Independent Group (TIG) was unveiled on Friday and comprises of 17 ex-UKIP councillors. Labour questioned their track record, TIG leader, cllr Graham Snell hit back, referring to their casework.

Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Oliver Gerrish has duly reponded. He said: “This suggestion of fake news is pretty laughable and desperate. If the ex-UKIP Group wants an example of a failed pledge and broken promise they’ve made, how about this: on the 27th July 2016 they brought forward a motion calling for ‘real recall’. They said that councillors crossing the floor should be accountable to their electorates. Not only that, they later criticised a councillor who left their group and joined another without organising a by-election.

“And yet now, when they are in the same situation, all of their supposed moral high ground on this issue has gone out the window and they are refusing to go before their voters.

“Sadly their ‘new’ group is not off to a very auspicious start. We all know this is just a bunch of UKIP councillors desperate to hang on to their seats. Considering their cynical change of policy on crossing the floor, their next act should be to apologise for the attacks they made when someone else did exactly the same.”


  1. A by-election should be held now for every one without doubt. Any councilor or mainstream politician who does not throw open a by-election is clearly looking out for themselves and not the electorate.
    DO NOT vote for any councilor who does not by-elect because they clearly are not on the side of the electorate as they may claim, so lets get rid of them. This goes for any party representation.


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