Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thurrock Council and Police report back on anti-crime initiatives on Grays High Street.

THURROCK Council has been working with Essex Police to address the issue of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) was established for the Grays High Street area in April last year and prohibits the continuing consumption of alcohol and intoxicating substances when required to stop doing so. The order also addresses being verbally abusive to anyone or behaving in a way which causes harassment, alarm or distress to another person.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, said: “Operation Culture was set up in response to street drinking and anti-social behaviour in Grays town centre. We have seen some terrible behaviour here and needed to help improve behaviour standards and the perception that it was getting worse.

“Our multi-agency approach shows the joint patrols between Police and Thurrock Council has led to a reduction in street drinking and anti-social behaviour breaches during patrols in the town centre. Whilst we have not completely eliminated the issue it is a positive start.

“We know that ASB is a big issue for people and businesses across Thurrock, and I’m pleased the administration have been allocated an additional £250,000 to help tackle poor behaviour which affects the whole community through our Stop It campaign.

“A review of CCTV has led to cameras being placed in hot spot locations. This has had a positive impact on robberies in the area and Thurrock council’s licensing operation in relation to alcohol sales within Grays town. We need to be flexible with how we use these resources to maximise the impact rather around the borough.

“However, we can’t ‘Stop It’ on our own, without residents reporting these offences we cannot take action. To help us do so, please call Essex Police either via 101 or visit Essex Police online.”

Insp Paul Ballard said: “We have been working hard alongside Thurrock Council, residents and business owners to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime in Grays town centre. This has resulted in a drop in reports of anti-social behaviour in the area, contributing to an overall drop of 8.1% reduction across Thurrock in the last year.

“Part of this work has involved joint patrols with partners, working closely with the community and issuing community protection notices.

“We have also been working to try and tackle the underlying issues, which has included engaging offenders in support programmes to help address their behaviour.”

Further information about PSPOs can be found at:


  1. Let me give you some examples of what we have to put up with in Grays. Don’t believe a thing the Council or Police say here.
    DRUG DEALS in Grays High Street right under the cameras. Police told and walk other way.
    OFF ROAD MOTOR CYCLES being rode up & down High Street by masked riders. Police nowhere to be seen.
    GUNS being offered for sale. Still no Police.
    GANGS FIGHTING AND DRINKING, Police and/or Council nowhere to be seen.
    Yes, folks just another week in Grays High Street.
    DROP LITTER and they spring into action pursuant of revenue earning fines.


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