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By-election set for South Ockendon as Ukip councillor resigns

Kevin Wheeler

OCKENDON is set for a by-election after the resignation of Ukip councillor, Kevin Wheeler.

THURROCK Council received formal notification of Cllr Kevin Wheeler’s resignation as councillor for the Ockendon Ward on Thursday 1 February 2018.

The Local Government Act (1972) states that if two Thurrock local government voters submit a request in writing to the Local Authority asking for a by-election it will be held.

If a by-election is called, it will have to take place within 35 days of the two requests being received.

Cllr Wheeler resigned a day after Your Thurrock cameras showed him mouthing obscenties adnd making lewd hand gestures at Labour councillors in a council meeting.

Ockendon is a real swing ward in Thurrock. At the moment it has three Ukip (Thurrock Independent) councillors but in the past it has had both Labour and Conservative councillors.

At the last council elections, UKIP won by 404 votes from the Conservatives who, in turn, were 76 votes ahead of Labour.

The big question will be how far the Ukip/Thurrock Independent vote decreases by.

It is, as they say, all to play for.


  1. Can we have a by-election for all former UKIP seats. Or are Thurrock independants undemocratic and don’t believe in the electorate?

  2. frighten to hold by-elections which they know they cannot win, what is the point of
    UKIP, especially the amateurs at Thurrock
    I haven’t seen any real support for them in Thurrock for six months. But we shall see in May

  3. A lot of support for them is in the over 50 camp. But I bet they will run to the tories once again.
    Problem is the conservatives don’t have the answers. Unaless you are a billionaire. la ot of them in Thurrock Lol

  4. Come on guys lets be fair to this man, he has done the right thing and resigned which is more than can be said for many others, UKIP or not.

    The London Borough of Thurrock has had some dreadful councilors in the past and present if we’re honest It is clearly evident that nest feathering was/or is their only objective.

    The New World Order is on its way.


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