Friday, July 19, 2024

Labour petition calls for more police in Thurrock

THURROCK Labour has presented a massive petition on behalf of Thurrock residents, calling on the Police and Crime Commissioner to review the level of policing in Thurrock and ensure that Thurrock is prioritised for additional police resources.

The petition was presented at the January Thurrock Council meeting, and a copy handed directly to the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst. It has been signed by 1,276 people.

The petition was delivered by Labour Councillor Oliver Gerrish who said after the meeting, “Thurrock is not like anywhere else in Essex. We have a unique set of issues and we need extra police resources targeted here to combat the huge rise in crime and anti-social behaviour.

“It is not fair that our residents have to live with this. The Labour Group has been out collecting signatures over the last few months and people are very worried about crime. We need to ensure that the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner comes back with real action not just words.”


  1. Someone please tell Oliver Gerrish Thurrock is not unique regarding crime issues whatsoever.
    Thurrock just has a high degree of criminals who can flout the law as the police are nowhere to be seen.


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