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Thurrock Council’s Transport Boss pleased with progress

CLLR Brian Little, Portfolio Holder responsible for Highways and Transport gave a full overview of how his services have been doing over the last year at Full Council on Wednesday (31 January) night.

Cllr Little introduced the report by explaining some of the successes the service has achieved.

Discussing the “Fill it” priority of the Council’s Clean it, Cut it, Fill it campaign, he shared how over 4,500 potholes have been filled, following a Public Satisfaction Survey 2017 – carried out by the National Highways and Transport (NHT) network the Highways Team received an award for the ‘Most Improved Authority’ and that the £6m investment project to refit LED street lighting was completed in July 2017.

Speaking after the meeting he said: “The Congestion Task Force continues working across organisations to collectively improve communications and importantly reduce the delays road users endure when accidents unfortunately occur.

“I’m pleased we have become a permitting authority as of October 2017 and have since issued over 280 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for non-compliance and 90 additional FPNs for when works overrun.

“This is just the beginning but we have already seen an improvement in provision of real time information to the residents about roadworks on our network which allows for better journey planning and management of the traffic disruptions.

Cllr Little finished by saying: “Finally, Strategically, the business case for the A13 widening programme was approved and £66m has been allocated by the Department for Transport (DfT).

“Building on our collective desire to continue to improve our roads doesn’t stop there. The South Essex Active Travel bid worth £3.3m was successful helping us to deliver sustainable access to jobs at our ports and within the Lakeside basin.”


  1. Years of under investment in our road infrastructure under Labour have caused us all to suffer the blight of pot holes imposed upon us.

  2. Last post it was Labours spending that cause the 2008 crash lol make your bloody mind up tory boy. 🙂

  3. CTB. You really haven’t got a clue what your talking about, but we have to humour somebody I guess.
    Tell everyone your Mr Green party so we can all laugh at you some more.

  4. I am for the party of fairness pure and simple.
    Greens have no hope…..Tory’s just make me richer (not complaining)…Labour are to wet…UKIP have lost their way.
    As the The New World Order gains ground across the world I for one can’t wait to see the old guard gone.
    We need change

  5. They do, as long as I’m in that 0.1 percent bugger the rest.
    Look after no 1 as no one else will do it for you.

  6. Well done you’ve got to me.
    Not exactly a society if we all just give s-hit about ourselves and screw everyone else.

    Maybe I have it all wrong and we should all just pay no corporation tax, pay no VAT, Fiddle our income tax and sod everyone else.

    I’m in 99.9%


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