Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Investigation after mass brawl at The Bull in Little Thurrock

POLICE have launched an investigation after a large fight occurred at The Bull public house in Little Thurrock.

A police spokesperson said: “We were contacted shortly before 10.30pm on February 3 with reports of a disturbance at The Bull in Dock Road, Grays.

One person was injured and was not believed to be seriously hurt.

Officers attended and spoke to those involved.

The individuals did not report any offences.

“Enquiries are ongoing”.


  1. I’ve been to the Bull a few times, excellent food, nice beer, not seen any sign of drugs, think you must be talking about a different pub!

  2. Middx 17 you must either work at the pub or walk round with your eyes shut. It is common.
    Can’t knock the beer or food though.

  3. I find it strange the police attended all parties were present yet no one was arrested or were the cameras turned of as well as the police being on shift change no one wanted to spend more time at the nick doing paperwork I’m sure everything will eventually come out in the wash

  4. My friend, It is widely known in Thurrock that you only get nicked for Murder and dropping litter.

    Every day in Grays drugs are being sold in the town without a policemen (oops or women..sorry) being seen except those cardboard ones they put in the shop windows.

    Like you say, to much hassle upholding the law.


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