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Labour candidate John Kent calls on MP Jackie Doyle-Price to halt police cuts

Essex Police Cuts

Halt police cuts now

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has been called on to oppose government plans to impose yet another cut on police funding.

John Kent – Labour’s candidate for the Thurrock constituency – has written to the MP detailing the history of funding cuts and told her to “take a stand” when the Police Grant Report is laid before Parliament on Wednesday.

Mr Kent said: “The Labour Party is calling on Tory MPs to stand up for the force and the people of this country. Eight years of cut, cut, cut is enough.

“The people of Thurrock are not as stupid as this government seem to think. Theresa May promised to protect funding after 2015, but the police faced further cuts. Direct Government funding has fallen by over £400 million in real-terms since 2015.

“Despite this lie, late last year the government set out its provisional funding settlement for the coming financial year again falsely claiming this equated to £450 million in extra funding.

“In reality, the only new money government has committed is an extra £50 million for counter-terror policing – they couldn’t follow through with their planned cuts here after last year’s terrorist attracts in London and Manchester.

“The rest, the £400 million – relies on council tax peters coughing it up. People know this.”

Mr Kent said: “The Conservative Government has only kept its funding at the same level compared with last year meaning it is imposing yet another real-terms cut, this time worth £100 million.”

“Everyone will know the effects the Tory eight-year squeeze on police funding has had. We all see it – or rather we don’t see police officers patrolling our streets, we don’t see PCSOs being proactive, and we don’t see detectives reacting to our calls.

“The situation in Grays town centre is not unique – even in Thurrock – but it is a perfect example of what happens when police resources are stretched beyond breaking point.

“Drunks congregating outside shops, even when they’re open, threatening, frightening, and intimidating passers-by, let alone spewing litter, vomit and worse on our streets … and not a police officer in sight.

“It’s time for a change in policy.”


  1. JDP I don’t like but attacking her for cuts New Labour Blairights would also make is bad.

    We need more police so how much more will labour spend and where is it coming from?


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