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Little Thurrock residents campaign against plan for new houses

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RESIDENTS in Thurrock, angry at a housing developer submitting aN application to develop an area of floodplain, have started a petition which has been signed by more than 700 people.

Resident and Chair of the Thurrock Park Residents Committee, Tony Coughlin, said locals are “as much as 99.95 per cent against the development”.

The planning application, which was submitted on Tuesday, December 5 proposes to build 280 residential homes across more than 13 hectares of land on the Little Thurrock Marshes in Thurrock Park.

Thurrock Park Residents are appealing to Thurrock Council to reject the application arguing the land is greenbelt and liable to flooding.

A spokesperson for the committee said: “This new application is very similar to the previous one that the council rejected in the summer of 2017. The developer is trying to override democracy by submitting a 2nd application.”

Mr Coughlin said: “The only access to this proposed development [if approved] will be via Churchill road, which is already a very busy road into Thurrock park; and, with this new development, an estimated extra 400 vehicles will be going in and out of one access route . Churchill road has already been the scene of a number of accidents due it its ‘blind bends’; including several cars being written off as a result.

“Additionally, all houses will require piling and excavation works and the noise for local residents who live close will be unbearable and blighted for the duration of the building development which will take years.”

A spokesperson for the developer said: “The privately owned land, which has previously had planning consent for employment uses, is a logical and sustainable location to provide up to 280 new family homes for the borough.

“The plans also include a community facility, attractive green space, new pedestrian links and children’s play spaces.

“We have reviewed previous feedback from all interested parties and the local community on issues such as landscaping, flooding and drainage, traffic and impact on existing services and worked hard to address outstanding concerns through our technical work.”

The application will be determined in March.


  1. Don’t waste your time guys. No such thing as Greenbelt or floodplain anymore, it’s what suits the Council to approve. Look at Linford/Bata development. The development going on there at the mo is on flood plain, or was, the developers had it re designated. Another planning application for another 1000 houses there as well.
    I commend you guys for fighting but a section 106 has more sway than you, it is a legal backhander to the Council that sways decision making every time.

  2. Resident and Chair of the Thurrock Park Residents Committee, Tony Coughlin, said locals are “as much as 99.95 per cent against the development”.
    So why only 700 signatures if 99.95% are against it


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