Sunday, November 27, 2022

Former UKIP’s, The Thurrock Independents, call for cuts to Council Tax

THURROCK Independents (formerly Ukip) have called for substantial extra and smarter investments by the Council to allow us to fulfil their ambition to cut General Fund Council Tax on an annual basis in the future.

Thurrock Independents Finances Spokesman, Cllr Jack Duffin said: “We believe that we should be cutting Council Tax for hardworking local people in Thurrock as soon as possible. For many working families the cost of living has forced them to breaking point, Thurrock Council cannot continue to pile financial pressure on such families. Thurrock Independents ambition is to raise revenue through investment rather than the pockets of taxpayers struggling to make ends meet.

“While we would love to see Council Tax cuts made this year it is, unfortunately, not possible due to the timid approach of successive Council Administrations towards investments. Instead they have chosen to take the easy way out and plug the holes created by Government spending cuts by increasing your local taxes. You have been left to pick up the bill for the failures of national economic management.

“While the current Administration have so far focused on short and medium term investments, it is time for the Council to build its long term investment strategy. We have many financial cliffs coming up in the near future due to their short term strategy, meaning that big spending cuts or large tax hikes will be due if these short term investments cannot be repeated.

“Thurrock Independents are committed to building a solid, well rounded and effective investments strategy that will allow us to take pressure off of local residents by reducing Council tax on an annual basis.”


  1. Agreed we can start by cutting the allowances for the undemocratically elected Thurrock Independents. WELL?

  2. Lets cut pensions,allowances and all the social scrounging parasites along with child benefit.
    All these need a serious look at.


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