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Thurrock Council backing The Great British Spring Clean

Spring Clean

THURROCK Council is once again backing a national campaign to get half a million people out and about tidying up their local communities between 2 and 4 March 2018.

The Great British Spring Clean is the UK’s largest ever community clean up and Thurrock Council is supporting groups who want to take part this year.

Portfolio Holder for Environment, Cllr Aaron Watkins said: “Our commitment to the ‘Clean it, Cut it, Fill it’ campaign continues to make many streets and town centres tidier. This weekend-long event will build on our Clean it, Cut it, Fill it achievements, for example, our street cleaners filling almost 70,000 bags with litter that had not been put in bins between April 2017 and January 2018.

“We recently announced we will be spending half a million extra on our Clean It, Cut It part of our flagship programme because these are the things that are most important to residents. The totals being invested also include £250,000 on anti-social behaviour challenges such as graffiti and vandalism.

“The Great British Spring Clean is about communities working together to clean up the litter that ruins our landscape. We’re delighted to be taking part and bringing people together in areas including Grays beach and Purfleet to tackle an issue which many residents care passionately about.”

Thurrock Council will provide groups with litter pickers and rubbish bags. Groups that collect rubbish will receive thank you certificates. Staff from the Council’s environment team will visit town centres across the borough to help. Bulky waste, such as mattresses, will not be collected but can be taken to Linford Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

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  1. Of course the Council is going to back’s clean up on the cheap while our guys go and clean up Brentwood….Muppets.

  2. This article is a joke right? After what we read last week that Thurrock council staff were litterpicking Brentwood A12 to train them up! When they could have trained them up litterpicking Thurrock! What a load of Rubbish (no pun intended)
    A frustrated resident on the Stanford Facebook page asked Cllr Watkins several questions regarding the Brentwood litterpicking and he wouldn’t answer them! Only the questions regarding Highway England were addressed! Typical councillors! Cllr Watkins you are useless and you’ve lied to us residents saying that litterpicking in Brentwood was a ONE OFF! When the report said they’d been working there all week! SHAME ON YOU! Asking us residents to now litterpick the borough! And take the bulky items we collect to the tip ourselves! When the council are supposed to pick up Flytips! YOUR A JOKE! And have made yourself and The council look rather silly! As the previous comments state..MUPPETS!

  3. Twelve of us collected nearly 50 bags of bottles and cans on last years Great British Clean up in the Little Thurrock Area, mainly thrown from vehicles on to verges and we now do regular litter picks to try and keep our area tidy.

  4. I agree Willow, there is rubbish everywhere but we are being taken for a ride here.
    Council Tax up 6%, our guys cleaning up a neighboring borough and not ours. You can just see the council saying don’t worry about our dirty streets the divvy residents will clean um for free….no brainer for the council.
    VOTE CLLR WATKINS OUT and lets start making changes.


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