Aveley landlord fined for flying a flag outside pub

AN Aveley pub landlord has been fined for flying a flag outside his pub.

Kevin Field is the manager of the Old Ship Inn in Aveley and has been hit by an £80 fine.

He tells the story below. The action has been condemned by UKIP MEP, cllr Tim Aker who is no stranger to run ins with Thurrock Council and flags.

Both have pointed to all the problems in Aveley and questioned Thurrock Council’s priorities.

Thurrock Council has responded. “The Council will work with groups to fly flags, as has been demonstrated in other parts of the borough in very recent years.

“On this occasion, we have had no choice but to ask that the flag pole is removed until the right permissions have been given.

“There are long-standing regulations regarding flagpoles and flags, which have to be respected.

“The council have worked with groups before on this very matter, successfully.

“A flag pole in the street with tyres and cement is not a fit for purpose installation .”

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