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Aveley landlord fined for flying a flag outside pub

AN Aveley pub landlord has been fined for flying a flag outside his pub.

Kevin Field is the manager of the Old Ship Inn in Aveley and has been hit by an £80 fine.

He tells the story below. The action has been condemned by UKIP MEP, cllr Tim Aker who is no stranger to run ins with Thurrock Council and flags.

Both have pointed to all the problems in Aveley and questioned Thurrock Council’s priorities.

Thurrock Council has responded. “The Council will work with groups to fly flags, as has been demonstrated in other parts of the borough in very recent years.

“On this occasion, we have had no choice but to ask that the flag pole is removed until the right permissions have been given.

“There are long-standing regulations regarding flagpoles and flags, which have to be respected.

“The council have worked with groups before on this very matter, successfully.

“A flag pole in the street with tyres and cement is not a fit for purpose installation .”


  1. This could only have been a flag of our patron saint, St George or a Union Jack.
    Need I say anymore, except.
    Vote for a New World Order.

  2. So right, Kev is a honest toiler and like me probably proud to be English, but in our multi culture we are known as British English, a real farce. Add this to the Primary School numbers which are increasing as more homes are built and the fact that the government who offer schools of choice, now many parents have to drive to school and parking spaces in and around the school are at a premium, just 3 legal spaces outside the school. TBC know this and you will see regular visits to the school 3 or 4 times a month by Parking Enforcers as they capitilise on the lack of legal parking spaces, many parents are getting ticketed on each visit.

    I think its about time TBC grew a pair and manned up to support the residents instead of ridiculing them.
    When I asked them who tells them to come down here, they say the school asked, I spoke with the Head Teacher and she was unaware of any conversations, TBC are a council that the residents in any way they can.

    I doubt they have the inclination to battle with the fly tippers, nice gesture this week nicked a few residents around the borough for bags in alleyways, none of the big stuff that goes on.

    The other one is to see the litter enforcers in Grays, now dressed so they blend in with the footfall, still hovering around Morrisons entrance or by the the bank, they too only look for easy pickings, not really putting in any real work, wouldn’t it be better if TBC had staff out in the town educating the shoppers as there is a lot more litering that goes undetected than a few ciggies droped, just ask the sweepers who regularly fill their black bags in a short time.


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