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Former Ukippers, Thurrock Independents, express concerns over council contracts

THURROCK Independents (formerly UKIP) believe that the Council needs to look very closely at its policy of outsourcing the provision of council services to private companies. The borough’s long-standing issues with repairs and social care are well documented. Recently the collapse of Carillion highlighted the dangers of over-reliance on outsourcing claims the group.

Thurrock Council recently announced it was engaged in around 370 such contracts which have a value of almost £600 million. With several huge contracts up for renewal over the next few years Thurrock Independents believe that the time has come to analyse every single outsourced contract to see whether bringing services back under the control of the council will provide better value-for-money and a higher quality of provision for residents.

Thurrock Independent and UKIP MEP, cllr Tim Aker said: “For years we have seen numerous examples of companies, which put profit before the needs of our residents, delivering poor quality results to the borough. Thurrock Independents are committed to putting people before profit and improving Thurrock for all.

“I will be presenting a motion at the next full council which calls for the council to put the option of bringing many services back under the full control of the council firmly back on the agenda. If financially viable I believe this to not only be an option that would greatly improve the quality of services. It would also bring incredible training, apprenticeship and employment opportunities for people in borough. It’s about time Thurrock Council put the people of Thurrock first and stopped feeding the profits of private companies who have no incentive to provide services above the minimum standard they can get away with.

“We must look to see how we can change and improve the tendering and contract process so that we encourage as many local businesses to engage as possible rather than simply giving all the big deals to big businesses outside of Thurrock. We have seen other Councils across the UK do this and it is about time we put Thurrock first when it comes to deciding multi-million pound contracts. The more we can work with small businesses and employ local people, the more Thurrock thrives and everyone living here benefits.”


  1. I agree. Stop companies from employing Eastern European workers on council contracts.

    It matters little if they are Private Public non profit what matters is they do a good job and employ local people.

    Invest in thurrock jobs.

  2. I go one better stop taking on private companies who have a way of extracting funds for very little output, just think bring £600m back under the TBC umbrella, itwould mean an end to fat cats bonuses, to shareholders dividents and for sure see a simplyfied service, housing for instance at one time for every job called in the contract made 3 visits one to asses one to do the work and one to check it and then add in on costs, a fortune to repair a tap washer. Value to the taxpayer I don’t think so.

    Driven right we would see a massive change in the services we could provide for that kind of money, for me employing the right people would be the best policy, local is best, especially with the issues of the bridge, the tunnel and local roads getting snarled up.

  3. Tim Aker one of the Thurrock UKIP independent group, who still belongs to UKIP as an MEP.UKIP are financially bankrupt, have just lost a libel suit and likely are unable to pay, talking about finances
    dear Tim pay your UKIP debts, or don’t talk about others. It is obvious UKIP could not run a proverbial PUIAB

  4. Tim Aker and the rest of the UKIP independence shouldn’t really get involved in anything financial wouldn’t you agree

    UKIP was facing financial disaster tonight after it was ordered to pay a legal bill – which it’s claimed could reach £200,000.

    The High Court ruled the cash-strapped party must fund part of the £670,000 costs of three Labour MPs who won a libel case against UKIP MEP Jane Collins.

    The ruling came just days after UKIP’s Treasurer John Bickley said it has been “living hand-to-mouth” since 2015 and its finances are under “great pressure”.

    In a leaked memo Mr Bickley told local party chiefs that three leadership contests in 18 months had “significantly impacted our income”.

    Despite the crisis UKIP could trigger a fourth leadership battle on Saturday when more than 1,000 members attend an emergency no confidence vote in leader Henry Bolton.
    Scandal-hit Mr Bolton, who is not paid a full salary for his role, has warned UKIP cannot afford another contest despite an outcry over racist online comments by his model ex-girlfriend.

    The press is set to be banned from most of the meeting in a move one MEP, Bill Etheridge, told the Mirror was “authoritarian”.

    The bill is the latest step in a three-year saga involving Ms Collins and the three MPs for Rotherham, Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion.

    The High Court ruled Ms Colins libelled the trio in 2014 by wrongly saying they knew about child sex abuse in the town and “deliberately chose not to intervene”.

    Today a judge said UKIP must be jointly liable with Ms Collins to pay legal costs that the MPs ran up between 20 March and 24 June 2015.
    The new judgement also found UKIP took a “deliberate, informed and calculated” decision to ensure the case was not settled before the 2015 general election.

    Ms Collins had refused to withdraw her claims or apologise and repeatedly tried to delay the case, the High Court heard.

    Mr Healey said his aim had never been to ruin UKIP financially, telling the Mirror: “Fighting this legal battle for more than two years was the only way we could get total vindication.

    “Because she and UKIP have strung this out, the costs have risen, so it’s right UKIP will pay a substantial share of the legal costs.”

  5. Ukip sacks Henry Bolton as leader in wake of racism row to spark fourth leadership contest in 18 months
    Earlier this week Nigel Farage, the party’s former and most prominent leader in recent years, admitted that Ukip is “collapsing”, as the party was left facing a ruinous six-figure bill over a last legal battle with three Labour MPs.

    “Make no mistake,” he said. “Ukip is collapsing. There is no point in pretending it is not.”
    He continued: “The basis structures of the party organisation are disappearing; branches are closing and many of the sitting councillors in the forthcoming elections wish to run as independents.
    Basically Thurrock UKIP councillors jumped just before they were pushed, I cannot wait to see the result of our forthcoming by-election this will give a good indication of what’s to come

  6. UKIP is collapsing without doubt, but we have to thank them and them alone for taking the right path and getting is out of the EU and that my friends will be the one truly great legacy.
    Thank you Nigel for having the balls to stand up and be counted while everyone else just whinged.


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