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Labour announce candidate for Ockendon By-election

Les Styrange


THE Labour Party has announced lifelong Ockendon resident and former bus driver Leslie Strange as their candidate for the Ockendon by-election on Thursday 22 March.
Speaking about why he is standing Les said: “I’m Ockendon born and bred, I was educated at local schools and my children and grandchildren live here. This is my community and I am proud to have lived here all my life. I still live in the house I grew up in and have seen many changes of over the years – not all for the better.”

“I’m standing in this election because I’m fed up of watching Ockendon being let down. We have had enough of out-of-touch Tories and so called ‘Independents’ who promise us the earth but achieve nothing for Ockendon residents. I share the problems and frustrations we currently face every day living in Ockendon.”

“The Tory cuts have closed our local police station and resulted in more crime and anti-social behaviour in Ockendon leaving many afraid to go out after dark. As your councillor, I will fight for the resources we need to police the area effectively so people can feel safe again.”

“While the so called ‘Independents’ have sat on their hands, Tory cuts have left our parks neglected and filthy. Our community deserves better and if I am elected I will work day in and day out to clean up our streets and get fly-tipping under control.”

“Above all I am standing to defend our local NHS. Under the Tories waiting times have soared, hundreds of operations have been cancelled and staff shortages at Basildon Hospital are causing unplanned closures of key services.

“Now the Tories are trying to push Thurrock’s NHS over the brink by closing Orsett Hospital. As a local resident I know how vital Orsett Hospital is to the people of Ockendon and I am standing in this by-election to send the Tories a clear message – keep your hands off our hospital!”

Thurrock Labour is the only local party campaigning to keep Orsett Hospital open.


  1. What a load of Bulls**t Mr Strange.

    Was it not Labour’s John Prescott who signed the death warrant for Orsett Hospital ?

  2. What pisses me off with John Prescott is all the time he moaned about the privaleidge few and peers system and when he retired from an MP become one and had a smile on his face when asked about it.

    Socialist sell out.

  3. When Labour were in opposition nationally they had a very successful ‘Save Orsett Hospital’ campaign. It was all the wicked Tory Governments fault everything that was going to happen at Orsett Hospital.

    Labour swepped the board at a local level with nearly every Councillor being Labour on the back of the ‘Save Orsett Hospital’ campaign. They even appointed a former Labour Councillor as Chairman of the Health Authority.

    Then we had a Labour landslide nationally with Mr Blair. Prescott & co running the show.

    It was no longer the Labour Governments fault everything that was going to happen to Orsett Hospital – it was the wicked Health Authority! The Labour Government had no control over what the wicked Health Authority was going to do.

    Under a Labour Government in 1998 5 medical and 3 surgical wards closed and other services were transferred to Basildon. Under a Labour Government in 2002 the majority of the site was flogged to developers. Most of the site was demolished in 2004 under a Labour Government – although some new buildings were constructed. Then the Deputy Prime minister John Prescott rubber stamped hundreds of new homes to be built on most of the site.

    There is only two things not to trust with politicians – everything they say – and the real motives of everything they do.

  4. We desperately need a New World Order to rid us of the political and corrupt cancer that has besieged the modern unfair system brought about by all the wet do gooders out there.

    A vote for Labour is a vote for the wets to ruin the country some more.

  5. We could go back further in time when under the Labour Government of Harold Wilson in 1969 the Tilbury Hospital in Ferry Road was closed. No doubt it was the wicked Tories fault…

  6. One things for sure Ed is, we as Mr Joe Average get shafted every time no matter who’s in power.


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