Thursday, December 1, 2022

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The first flurries of snow have fallen across Essex during the early hours of this morning with a dusting reported in a few spots. These showers will become a little more widespread through today and a strengthening breeze will push them further inland at times. NO significant accumulations are expected today but totals of 2-4CM are possible in places.

Tuesday remains the highest chance of heavier, potentially disruptive snow in the short-term. A AMBER Met Office warning remains in force covering Southern and Eastern districts of Essex with the rest of the county covered by a lesser YELLOW warning. These warnings will likely be updated this morning around 11AM as new data arrives.

The latest high-res model data suggests a streamer (a continuous band of showers) setting up along the Essex Coast on Tuesday morning and will likely meander inland at times (hence the AMBER warning here) bringing heavier, more widespread outbreaks of snow. This band of heavier showers may only be 15-20 miles wide, so it will be very hit and miss but the further South and East you are in Essex the greater chance of seeing significant totals of 10CM+.

The‘Blizzard’ expected on Friday is still very uncertain. Between the big three models this morning, there are large variations on track and intensities of the low. It does look likely we will see further snow in Essex on Thursday Night into Friday but not a full-blown blizzard!

A brief return to less cold conditions is expected this weekend with temperatures returning above freezing. Beyond that it does look like the colder than average temperatures will continue.


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