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Ormiston Park Academy students gain an insight into law

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Ormiston Park Academy students gain an insight into law

MAGISTRATE, Dawn Roche, recently paid a visit to Ormiston Park Academy in Aveley to deliver two sessions for students about how the magistrates system works. This was part of the “Magistrates in the Community” programme which is run by the Magistrates Association and is designed to increase public awareness of the role of magistrates in the criminal and civil justice system.

In her presentation, Dawn explained to the students how magistrates are appointed, what kind of cases they deal with, how guilt or innocence is decided, and how magistrates decide to sentence.

Although specifically aimed at Ormiston Park’s A-level law students to help them gain a better understanding of law as part of their course, the sessions were also open to students in Years 9, 10, and 11, and received a very positive response.

Huw Derrick, Principal of Ormiston Park Academy, said: “This was a great experience for our students to gain a really fascinating insight into how the law operates at a local level. I’d like to thank Dawn for taking the time to visit, as well as all of the students who participated, who were full of such enthusiasm and asked some excellent questions.”


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