Made in Dagenham, Fly-posting in Thurrock?


WE had just published a press release from Thurrock Council on more litter-bugs in Thurrock being issued with heavy fines when our attention was drawn to signs advertising an event at Thurrock Council’s Thameside Theatre appeared to be fly-posted across the borough.

The adverts were for the Made in Dagenham show by the Thurrock Operatic Society (aka TOPS). The show ran from March 22nd to March 24th.

We imagine it will be hard for the council to fine “them” (should “they” be the perpetrators) as they may need to find the individual “culprit” however,the council may be on their way to remind shows using their facilities that they may be undermining their attempts to clean up the borough.

Thurrock Council has now informed us that the posters have been removed.

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