Thurrock Council continue to crack down on litter bugs

Grays High Street Litter

THURROCK Council continues to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for littering in the borough. Litter offenders who spoil the borough and don’t pay their fine will face a criminal record.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said:

“The message is getting out there, it is not acceptable to litter our streets. The appearance of the borough has improved and enforcement officers will continue to patrol Thurrock.

“The FPNs are issued for littering offences. There really is no excuse for spoiling our borough and those fined who choose to not pay will face prosecution. Anyone who is caught littering our streets will be fined wherever they live.”

The court hearing on 5 March saw four people found guilty, given a criminal record and ordered to pay a fine. The names of those prosecuted are:

Ann Marie Butcher of 48 Derry Avenue, South Ockendon was fined £608.

Deana Jenny Amy Morris of 21 Sabina Road, Grays was fined £75.

Marine Tanase of 1 Bradbourne Road, Grays was fined £608.

Gary Cruickshank of 10 Waterside Close, Isle Of Dogs, London was fined £608.

Between October 17 to 5 March 2018:

Total number of prosecutions – 47
Total fines – £8,595.00
Total costs – £12,292.00
Total victim surcharge – £1,410.00
Total – £22,295.00
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