Blogspot: We can work it out…..


By Luke Spillman
Of the Thurrock Independent Party
Cllr for Aveley and Uplands

I”M past caring hearing about the things politicians are against. All I care about is what we can work together on to make things better for all.

It’s about time people from all sides of the political spectrum stopped being anti-other parts of our community and focused on the real change that would solve most of the problems in our society. Everyday there seems to be another story of some group being anti-British history/culture, anti-wealth creation, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Islam, anti-white, anti-black, anti-women, anti-men, anti-gay, anti-straight etc etc. The list is endless.

We all need to focus on being pro-abolishment of poverty and class inequality. We need a state/private intervention to provide well-paid career opportunities for people across all of our communities. We need to bring forward radical benefit reform to prevent anyone from choosing not to take up these opportunities. If we successfully tackle class inequality, under-employment and subsistence wages we would will find that most examples of inequality and social problems disappear or become entirely manageable.

Let’s get Britain training and working again! Brexit brings immense opportunity. We must put ourselves in a position to seize this opportunity. We must give those struggling the chance to reach their potential whilst providing an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive.

It’s time for the divisive politics of hate, fear and envy to end. It’s time for this country to pull together and thrive as an independent nation. It’s time for the left and right to put away their slavish devotion to ideology and stop hating on each other. This country needs politicians willing to work together to form a negotiated consensus to improve people’s lives.

The focus of politics must be to extend the golden age 50% of the population are experiencing to the 50% who are struggling to make needs meet. Enough of the boring and destructive tribalism please! Let’s work together to create a much better tomorrow for all.

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