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Free motivational workshops with inspirational speaker

Free Motivational Seminars & Workshops now available with Inspirational Speaker.

Inspire Within!

Motivational Seminars and Workshops.

(One-to-One training also available)

DO you find it hard to do the things that you know you should be doing? Do your low confidence levels and fear of failure hold you back? Are you a community or organisation who would like to have your team/staff inspired to achieve greatness? Do you find that you already know what your goals and dreams are but you just cannot get yourself inspired to take action to achieve them?

The Inspiration Zone Academy are currently offering ‘Inspire Within!’ Self-Help motivational seminars and workshops in order to inspire the community. All workshops and seminars are conducted by the inspirational speaker Jag Singh.

Jag Singh

Due to having had a tough up-bringing during his childhood surrounded by bullies, Jag’s school education was affected immensely. Because of this by the time Jag reached the age of 13 he was unable to read or write. His confidence and self-esteem levels were non-existent at this time. As he entered his teenage years Jag found himself questioning his very own existence. He could barely string a sentence together and struggled with basic writing skills.

One day, Jag walked into the London book shop ‘Foyles’ and came across the ‘Self-Help’ books section. He needed something, he needed to be inspired. He had many goals and dreams he wanted to achieve and was prepared to do whatever it took to make them a reality.

Jag studied and divulged twenty-five years of his life into the motivational field and read book after book and his reading and writing skills escalated accordingly. He listened to the best inspirational speakers of our time and used all the knowledge that he obtained to increase his confidence levels and self-esteem. At the age of 22 Jag came to the realisation that he could create his very own motivational self-help methods and techniques and used these to boost his life experiences and achievements. Now, through the ‘Inspire Within!’ workshops and seminars Jag will be sharing his inspirational knowledge with you and your organisation.

Some of the positions that Jag has held include:
– Public Speaker – Anti-Bullying/Motivational/Sales and Business
– Community TV/Radio Presenter/Producer
– Management positions in the following industries –
Retail, Distribution, Recruitment, Healthcare, Sales and Business
– Community/Charities volunteer supporter
– Motivational/Self-Help articles writer

Contents of ‘Inspire Within!’ Seminars and Workshops.
During these dynamic sessions a few of the topics Jag will be speaking about include:

– Goal Setting
– Time Management
– How to increase your Confidence Levels
And much more…

Great News!

The I-Zone Academy are currently offering ‘Inspire Within!’ workshops and seminars for free to Schools, Colleges, Universities, Charity/Community, and business organisations. This offer is only open for a limited period and is based on availability due to high demand of bookings.


For bookings information and enquires please email us on
(One-to-One training also available)
You may also follow us on Twitter for on-going motivation – @jagsingh_ican


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