Thurrock Labour make “lowest in Essex” council tax pledge

WITH the local election campaign underway, the Thurrock Labour Party has begun to reveal a bold new plan to build a safer, cleaner, fairer Thurrock. A key part of Thurrock Labour’s vision is to help hardworking residents who are struggling to get by after nearly a decade of cuts, tax rises, and stagnant wages under the Tories.

In order to achieve this Thurrock Labour are pledging to maintain the lowest Council Tax in Essex and to cut or freeze taxes wherever possible.

The Tory Council has recently come under fire from Labour for imposing another large tax increase on local residents. In just the last two years of Conservative control Thurrock families have seen their Council Tax increase by an eye-watering 10%. Thurrock Labour were the only local party to vote against the most recent council tax increases.

Speaking about Labour’s pledge to keep Thurrock’s Council Tax the lowest in Essex Councillor Oliver Gerrish said:

“The cold hard facts from the last 15 years show that the Tories on average increase our council tax by around three times more than Labour. Our record speaks for itself – in power, we raised council tax by less than the Tories. In opposition, we were the only party to oppose Tory council tax rises. We are determined to deliver good value for money and help local residents keep more of their hard-earned money.

“In the last year, the Conservatives have tried to use Thurrock voters as an easy cash cow, with their attempt to introduce the hated ‘grass tax’, higher charges for people in sheltered accommodation, increased service charges and trying to hike burial fees for grieving families to £975. Thurrock Labour have worked with local residents to oppose these charges. As well as keeping Council Tax as low as possible, we will continue to fight the Tories’ unjustifiable fees.

“Thurrock residents will be better off under Labour’s plan for a fairer future in our borough and we invite everyone who wants to keep more of their hard earned money to vote for a Labour Council on Thursday 3 May.”

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