Saturday, October 1, 2022

Labour vows to clean up Thurrock

Oliver Gerrish 17

Labour vows to clean up Thurrock

THE Thurrock Labour Party has revealed two major commitments to improve the state of Thurrock in response to massive dissatisfaction with the Conservatives’ record.

Much of Thurrock has been left to become a depressing sight for local residents. Places like Tilbury, Stifford Clays, Ockendon and Aveley have been neglected and ignored by the Conservative Council. Fly-tipping has got out of control, potholes continue to blight the lives of Thurrock drivers, and roadside verges have been allowed to be churned into muddy quagmires claims Thurrock Labour.

Commenting on the current state of Thurrock, Leader of the Thurrock Labour Group, Oliver Gerrish said, “People are rightly proud of where they live but the Conservative Council has let them down with their empty promises. All across Thurrock, residents are fed up with the filthy state of their streets and parks and I am determined to take real action to clean our borough up.

“In order to clean our neighbourhoods up a Labour Council would use 2018/19 projected surpluses to invest an additional £600,000 in dealing with potholes, and restoring and protecting grass verges. We would also allocate £450,000 to pilot a new rapid response team to tackle fly-tipping reported by residents. This team would ensure that fly-tipping was dealt with quickly and effectively before it became a more major problem. They would also work with the enforcement team to try and bring those responsible to justice.

“Under a Labour council no part of our borough will be left to rot in the way the Conservatives have allowed. We will stand up for everyone and ensure that all parts of our community get the investment they need for a cleaner and tidier future.”

YT will be interviewing cllr Gerrish on this matter on Saturday and extend that invitation to any other candidate for the May elections.


  1. How come Labour say they can do it now, but they could not do it when they were supposed to be running the Council a few years ago. The Thurrock Enquirer published a front story on March 19th 2015, Please Clean up our Filthy Streets, And nothing happened then.


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