Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Thurrock Tories express delight that bin strike called off

THURROCK Conservatives have expressed their delight that strike action by bin men has been called off.

Conservative member for Envrionment, Cllr Aaron Watkins said: ‘I am glad to see that all proposed strike action days have been called off. We always said the reason for striking was incorrect and glad that the waste crews came back to the table and agreed to the changes.

“Even though the strike threat has not completely vanished, I thank our hard working crews for listening to us and not listen to those who have ulterior motives to disrupt this vital service in the future.

“Most importantly, after £8m of investment in the waste collection fleet, I am glad residents will continue to keep their weekly bin collection.”

Conservative Leader Rob Gledhill added: “This is a success for residents across the borough as their weekly bin collections will no longer be affected by strikes in the election period.

“Whilst other political parties in Thurrock played the blame game to score cheap political points, only Thurrock Conservatives stood firm,called for the strikes to end before even one bin collection was missed. I think this speaks volumes as to who is standing up for resident interests.”


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