Swift action by Thurrock Council officer deals with illegal traveller campaign

THURROCK Council and Essex Police acted together swiftly to deal with an illegal traveller encampment in Kilverts Field, Grays, on Friday 20 April.

The initial incursion was spotted by a council officer, who immediately called the police to alert them to the fact that a van was trespassing on the site. This meant that the police were then quickly able to accompany council officers to the scene of the illegal traveller incursion where they were served with a Section 61 ‘notice to quit’ the site within hours of breaking on to it and had fully vacated the site by 10pm.

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: “This is a great example of the council working in close partnership with the police, as it meant that all people and vehicles that had been on the site of the illegal encampment had left within hours of their arrival”.

Conservative Leader Cllr Rob Gledhill said “I would like to thank the police and the council officers for their prompt action following this clearly illegal occupation of council land. Had it not been for the the eagle eyes of council officers and swift action from Essex police then it would another ‘mysterious’ case of criminal damage just before the arrival of an illegal encampment. I understand the caravans were gone within a few hours and I have already emailed the police thanking them.

Separately I have asked officers to ensure that the council pursues damages from those who wrecked public property and have asked that the cctv in the area also start to monitor the site to help catch anyone who thinks they can get away with it in the future. Criminally damaging property and assaulting the police is just plain wrong, I hope the courts back up the police and the council by throwing the book at them.”

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