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Ward by Ward: Tilbury St Chads


FOUR years ago, Labour councillor, Steve Liddiard, sneaked home by just eighteen votes. Once again, that is how close UKIP got to another seat.

In 2016, UKIP won the seat by 36 votes. Since then, the UKIP councillor has left and joined the Thurrock Independents.

Both councillors have remained active in the area. Just this week, both expressed their concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour in streets such as Leighton Gardens and Melba Gardens.

It needs councillors that day in day out are addressing the needs of their Tilbury residents because by all reports, it is getting desperate down there.

Steve Liddiard has been a solid coucnillor for now close to eight years. Mild and modest, he does his best on the back bench. Sometimes you think he should have more bite but then again, his comments on crime in Tilbury were as hard hitting as we have ever heard. He has also been a good colleague to fellow Tilbury councillor, Clare Baldwin.

If Labour hold this seat then it may be (again) a sign that two party politics in Thurrock is back.

Thurrock Independents will do well to get over 300. More likely 150 but who knows with Tilbs. Again, they will look to get enugh votes to be encouraged to carry on.

YT Prediction: Lab Hold

Tilbury St Chads

Steve Liddiard (Labour Party)
Paul Martin (Thurrock Independents)
Steve Minett (Conservative Party)


  1. Tilbury has been abandoned face it! turf wars, drugs and drive by shootings.. and nothing done.. no cameras, no police and no change, litter everywhere, mattresses left in the roads!!

    And councillors that only raise their voice at election time, you forget we have to live here all year !!!

  2. Wake up Tilbury and remember how Labour fleeced the working class people last time.
    Please not again. Vote anyone but Labour.

  3. Remember folks it was LABOUR that killed Orsett Hospital and Tilbury Hospital before that.
    Folk in Orsett have John Prescott to thank for allowing the hospital to become homes so…….NO, DON’T VOTE LABOUR,anyone else but.


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