Monday, September 26, 2022

Quince Tree Nursery rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted

Quince 1

A SOUTH Ockendon day nursery has been rated “Outstanding” by government watchdog Ofsted.

Quince Tree Day Nursery was inspected in March.

The report states:

Partnerships with parents are exceptional and a particular strength. Parents provide overwhelmingly positive feedback on their own and their children’s experiences at the nursery. They are so proud of the progress that their children make and the support that they receive from the management and practitioners.

The nursery specialises in caring for children who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities. The children have a wide range of needs, and practitioners care for each child with the utmost sensitivity and warmth. They have very high expectations of what children can achieve.

Practitioners provide an exciting and stimulating environment with a rich range of activities that offer challenge. Children thoroughly enjoy singing. They follow the mimed instructions intently to play their instruments very loudly or very softly. Children confidently use sign language to sing and eagerly choose their favourite songs.

Children are highly independent. Practitioners continually ensure that they have the opportunity to make their own decisions throughout the day. Children are exceptionally well behaved. They are polite and play cooperatively with each other.

Lead practitioners are highly skilled, inspirational leaders and their dedication shines through the nursery. They are passionate about ongoing improvement and are constantly looking at ways to enrich the children’s experiences and learning.


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