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Mr Perrin’s Blog: “Bitter pills and lemon cake”

Lemon Cake

Mr. Perrin’s blog; “A Word in Your Ear”.

THE voters have decided that Thurrock Borough Council will be a “hung” Council. The result being; Conservatives 20 councillors, Labour 17 councillors and Thurrock Independents Party 12 councillors. If any Party can claim “victory”, albeit a pyrrhic one, then it must be the Labour Party who increased their number from 14 councillors to 17 councillors, knocking the Thurrock Independents Party off their “perch” and becoming the main opposition Party

The irony of the result is that the 12 Thurrock Independents Party (TIP) councillors, at the Annual Meeting to be held on 23rd May 2018, could decide which Party, Conservatives or Labour, takes control of the Council and who is elected Mayor. Some Councillors may have to swallow bitter pills in order to secure the support of the TIP Councillors and “horse-trading” will be brisk, it will be interesting, to say the least, to see on which “hive” the TIP “bee” alights.

The Editor of “Your Thurrock” views the victory of Tim Aker in Aveley as “spectacular”, a view which I consider over generous. 1037 people voted for Mr. Aker, 653 voted Conservative giving Mr Aker a 383 majority. However, more people in Aveley voted against Mr Aker than voted for him, a total 2407 votes were cast 1037 for Mr Aker and 1094 against. Given his much vaunted popularity in Aveley the result, in my opinion, does not merit the accolade of “spectacular”.

Take a look at Cllr Barbara Rice’s victory for Labour in Chadwell St. Mary she secured 1383 votes, a whopping majority of 981 over her Conservative rival who secured 402 votes. 2049 people in Chadwell St. Mary voted, 1383 for Cllr Rice and 666 against her, 717 more votes than both her rivals. I call that “spectacular”.

As in all conflicts there is what is termed “collateral damage”, two such casualties are Chris and Jan Baker, Councillors for Belhus and South Ockendon respectively. Originally elected as UKIP Councillors they have been hardworking, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, and served the people of their respective Wards well. Both of them can hold their heads high and be proud of their records. To both of them I say well done and I wish you well.

Finally I thank Mrs. Casey for her delicious lemon sponge cake on the night of the count.


  1. Problem is Peter you are a Labour CHeerleader. Most People Old Labour pre Blairrights and Old Tories and old UKIPers are Disillusioned with the political system.

    We are all waiting for something new to come along.

    In fact I voted Labour because I hate the Tories
    Thurrocksgonedownhill voted Tory because he hates Labour
    thats how it is nowdays
    Those who did bother to vote 30% voted for the party they least hated. Because they didnt want the other party in.

    We are all waiting for the new party to come along.

  2. “Catching the Bus”, far from being a Labour Party “cheerleader”, I was expelled from the Labour Party some years ago. The official reason for my expulsion was that I was seen in the company of UKIP members during a bye-election campaign, it was assumed that I was a UKIP member/ supporter campaigning against a Labour Party candidate, therefore I was deemed to be “fraternising with the enemy”. The only issue on which I have supported UKIP has been an “unconditional” exit from the European Union (BREXIT) and I am still opposed too the Labour Party’s current stance on BREXIT as espoused by “has beens” such as Tony Blair and Ed Milliband, I have never been a member of UKIP. The actual reason for my expulsion was that the Thurrock Labour Party considered me to be a “thorn in their side” and were desperate to be rid of me. this “troublesome preacher” who spoke his mind and dared to hold them to account. I believe there are still quite a few Labour Party members and Councillors of all political persuasions who still ask “who will rid us of this troublesome priest” who has the effrontery to be critical, speaks his mind and dares to hold us to account?

  3. I like you a lot now.
    Anyone who is also a pain in the side of the politicians deserves respect. No matter what side.

    Jackie Doyle Price’s team saves all my posts and that of Myles Valen Cook. Now I wonder what the data protection act law makes of that Jackie.
    How is pretty Emily doing Jackie still doing the phone. Sorry forgot her Surname.

  4. A New World Order is sweeping across Europe and whilst it may take time to gather momentum in Britain, it is, and out will go the old guard and a new fairer system for all will begin.
    The only thing that holds up change is the pathetic and apathetic voters who still believe the EU is the right thing. They just don’t seem to grasp how corrupt the EU is and the fact they are keeping themselves in power, cause they sure aren’t elected.


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