Saturday, September 24, 2022

Thurrock Independents stand by residents over Thurrock Park development


THURROCK Independents (TI) have issued a statement pledging to stand by local residents in Thurrock Park and across Thurrock that say no to concreting over large parts of our Borough.

Thurrock Independents Chairman Allen Mayes said: “These plans have been rejected by both local residents and the council’s planning committee. For developers to go against local wishes is disgraceful. If their appeal is successful, it will show how broken the system is. I along with my Thurrock Independents colleagues stand with residents on this issue.”

“While the Conservative Government and Conservative-led Thurrock Council are pushing ahead with the plan for 32,000 extra homes in Thurrock developed by Labour when they ran the council, we stand up for residents and challenge the excessively high number as well as where they are going”.


  1. Come off it, it was only our local Labour and Conservative Councillors that have been against this from the start.

  2. TI come on it is Government policy no matter which clowns are in to build all over the UK.
    So have your token protest TI.

    I want my cheap house over Thurrock Park. Come on wheres those bulldozers lets get started. we are all a land of homeowners now.


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