Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Royal British Legion present certificate to Tilbury-on-Thames Trust

THE Royal British Legion presented the Tilbury on the Thames Trust with their certificate of affiliation recently, the only organisation to achieve this, at an event held at the London Cruise Terminal at the Port of Tilbury.

The Trust also received four beautifully made furry mascots – Winston Churchill, Army, Navy and Airforce bears (see image).

Stuart Wallace, Chairman of Tilbury on the Thames Trust said: “I would like to sincerely thank the Royal British Legion who have been involved in assisting us in getting the Trust up and running and being successful in the application to a the LIBOR fund. I am sure that we will continue to build on that as we go forward.

The skills that are learned within the armed forces are second to none and we very much hope that the Trust, through its training and development programme, Attention to Logistics delivered in conjunction with the Port of Tilbury can built on these skills and assist people with that transition and into a career that is now so important to the economy of the UK.

Through the development of the Attention to Logistics training programme the trust hopes to capitalise and build upon the skills and personal aptitude that those from a military background have and to assist those members and their immediate families make that transition into a new career.”
RBL Tilbury


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