Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Thurrock Independents discover yet more fly-tipping in Aveley

Fly DeLargy

JUST a few days after asbestos and other industrial waste was unceremoniously dumped in Aveley, Cllr Peter Smith was alerted to another fly-tip by a resident.

Cllr Peter Smith said: “On Friday 18th May I was contacted by a resident regarding a fly-tip which appears to be house contents. Addressed mail was in the fly-tip and the Council have been informed.

“This is blatant disregard for our environment, decent residents that do the right thing are appalled and expect the Council to use all available powers against those who dumped the rubbish.

“This Fly-Tip at the Hugh Delargy Hall Car Park goes to show once again Council needs to get tougher with enforcement, stronger messaging to the public and the easiest of reporting systems.

“Lets Keep Thurrock Tidy!”


  1. Where is thurrockgonedownhill tonight, well spotted that resident, TBC might just go with this one as it has ownership, but who were the fly (by night) tippers.

    Even the roundabout at the Ockendon end of the By pass is showing some littering.

  2. I am here Big Noise, don’t worry.
    Take yourself off my friend for a drive down Fort Road, Tilbury if you want to see fly tipping.

    Forget pride, Thurrock is a dirty hovel wherever you go.

    TIP FOR READERS (pardon the pun) – Don’t bother reporting it to the council, they are not helpful at all.

  3. That gets worse on every drive down there.

    Just looking at the service road that splits the old and new parts of Aveley, which has seen families reporting localised fly tipping a turning area is completely filled with spoil, Persimmon were asked to remove it but failed to do so, abandoned cars, overhanging foliage and the growth of nettles / weeds on embankments.

    So CUT IT, CLEAN IT certainly ain’t working here and we have complaint numbers to support the isses that were reported 3 months ago.


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