Sunday, September 25, 2022

Why is Thurrock Council looking for seven new lawyers?


RECENTLY, we noticed that Thurrock Council had advertised for seven new lawyers

Their advert stated: “We are now seeking seven Lawyers / Senior Lawyers with salaries to £48,600, a Advocate to £61,467, a Deputy Head of Law & Governance (Regeneration) to £72,756 and a trainee solicitor to £26,910.”

Readers may recall that the merger of legal services between Thurrock Council and Barking and Dagenham Council was quite a hotly contested topic back in 2012.

So we asked Thurrock Council, why they were recruiting for seven lawyers?

A spokesperson said: “We have restructured our legal services team and are now in a position to move from use of agency staff to permanently appointed officers. This will be more cost effective and efficient for the authority.

So we asked another question: “Will these lawyers be continuing to deliver services for Barking and Dagenham?”

A spokesperson said: “We continue to look at ways of working collaboratively with all boroughs whilst ensuring our priority is the delivery of services to Thurrock residents”

Readers, your witness…..

The link below is to an article from 2012 when the then leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr John Kent (Lab) promoted the idea of shared legal services between the town boroughs.


  1. Probably because it is so incompetent it will need all seven to deal with level of legal action it will endure due to all the mounting failings.


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