Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Thurrock Council set out proposals for removing fly-tipping from alleyways

Lynn Worrall

TORY-RUN THURROCK Council has recommended a scheme where they may charge residents to clean fly-tipping from alleyways.

Below is a film of the Thurrock Council meeting where the portfolio holder, Cllr Aaron Watkins details his proposals for charges.

Many of the alleyways are not council land but private property.

The proposals are as follows:

“That in instances where fly tipping in alley ways is identified, officers follow the following sequential approach:

I. Signposting of concerned residents to funding opportunities such as the Community Environment Development Fund, to assist in target hardening or other measures such as gating to reduce the incidence of fly tipping in alleyways.

II. Formally request that the occupiers of adjacent premises clear up their alleyway if concerns about non-hazardous alleyway accumulations persist.

III. Offer a paid service to clean up alleyway accumulations on a cost recovery basis where the steps above do not result in the fly tipping being removed.

IV. As a last resort, pursue enforcement action to ensure the removal of potentially hazardous accumulations against the occupiers of adjacent properties and to charge occupiers accordingly.

V. To communicate this sequential approach to residents and provide information to facilitate resident organization, awareness of and participation in community initiatives to combat fly tipped alleyways.


  1. Are TBC taking the pee, so the residents of alleyways that are targeted by fly tippers will be made to pay for some scums rubbish to be cleared, what next, pay for the drains to be cleaned in your street, pay for the grass to be cut, pay for the refuse collection each week…….what the hell do we pay council tax for?


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