Orsett Hospital is not a hospital says Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price

Orsett Hospital 2

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has sparked controversy by declaring that Orsett Hospital is no longer a hospital.

The Conservative Health Minister made the comment on social media after a person claimed she wanted to close “our local hospital”.

Ms Doyle-Price immediately responded by stating “It ceased to be a hospital a long time ago. What I want is better health services for Thurrock.”

Recently, health bosses undertook a consultation on whether Orsett Hospital should close. Thurrock Labour have campaigned heavily to keep it open, have gained thousands of signatures in their petitions. It was also, according to many, a hot topic on the doorstep during the local elections.

Aveley resident Fred Taylor responded (on Twitter) to the diplomatically-challenged MP’s comments. He said: “Wrong! it is very much a hospital with regular clinics for ENT, eyes, etc, a very good minor injuries and blood testing unit.

“We have a great base here for better health services just fund them and we will be OK”.

Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate, John Kent also responded. He said: “We all want better health care. At the moment, that means keeping Orsett Hospital open and absolutely guaranteeing all services currently available at Orsett remain available and easily accessible in Thurrock.

The leader of the Thurrock Independents, Cllr Luke Spillman was also less than impressed.

Cllr Spillman said: “Rather than disparaging Orsett Hospital, and supporting its closure, Jackie Doyle Price should have been making the case for a new modern hospital for Thurrock from the day she was elected.

Thurrock Independents will oppose, and campaign against, the closure of Orsett Hospital. We will not support its closure until a new hospital is built and all the health hubs are in place.

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