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Gable Hall School hosts Royal Opera House Sing and Stage La Bohème event

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Gable Hall School hosts Royal Opera House Sing and Stage La Bohème event

GABLE Hall School rang to the sound of opera on Monday 25th June as the Royal Opera House gathered secondary students from four Thurrock schools together to sing and stage Puccini’s opera La bohème.

In a series of workshops over the course of the day, the students were introduced to opera in a fun and light-hearted way, working within the KS3 and KS4 Music curriculum. Royal Opera House creative practitioners led workshops in dramatic singing, staging an opera and designing for a space. The students learnt operatic repertoire to sing and had to perform under direction, alongside professional singers.

The students were joined by former ROH Jette Parker Young Artists, Soprano Anush Hovhannisyan and Tenor Alexander Edwards, as soloists for the day. Musical Director Patrick Barrett led the day’s proceedings. Stage director Hazel Gould, and Ruth Paton, set designer, worked on staging and designing the space for students alongside.

Miss Waters from Hassenbrook Academy said:

‘It is only at ROH Thurrock Trailblazer events that my students get to experience working with professionals closely. This is so special to see.’

The culmination of the day was a vibrant joint performance of songs from La bohème, with a set designed and made during the day. Staff and students alike enjoyed the activities, run as a collaboration with Thurrock Music Education Hub and the Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer programme.

The schools involved were: Gable Hall School, Hassenbrook Academy, The Hathaway Academy and Harris Academy.

Year 8 and 9 students from Hathaway Academy had a very positive response to the workshop. Some of their comments included: ‘I didn’t want to come, but my Nan said I should, and now my mind has been changed about opera.’, ‘Each workshop helped to improve my confidence and skills.’, ‘I thought I’d find opera boring today but actually it’s been quite interesting.’ Whilst Gable students said ‘It was a fun experience’ and that they had ‘never heard live opera singers before, but they were really good.’

To find out more about opportunities for your school to take part in singing workshops with the Royal Opera House, please go to www.roh.org.uk/learning


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