Gable Hall School told to improve in highly critical Ofsted report

Ortu Gable Hall

GABLE Hall school in Corringham has been graded as “Requires Improvement” in a highly critical report by government watchdog Ofsted.

The education watchdog came to the school over two days in late May.

The main criticisms levelled at the school are:

Leaders, governors and the trust have not maintained the good standards identified in the previous inspection.

In 2017, Year 11 pupils made significantly less progress than other pupils nationally. Current pupils are not making consistently good progress across the curriculum.

Disadvantaged pupils do not make good progress in the school. Leaders are not closing the gaps in their achievement quickly enough.

Leaders do not ensure that they check the accuracy of their own information regarding attendance and behaviour. As a result, published information about attendance and behaviour at the school is inaccurate.

A few pupils exhibit low self-esteem, and are not being well identified and supported to improve their emotional well-being.

Teaching, learning and assessment are inconsistent in quality. Staffing turbulence has had a negative impact on leaders’ ability to secure consistency in some subject areas.

Some lessons are disturbed by poor behaviour. In particular, pupils and a significant minority of staff report that the behaviour in lower- ability sets has a negative impact on pupils’ learning.

The provision for pupils who access alternative education is not reviewed routinely or robustly enough to check on its effectiveness in meeting pupils’ needs.

Teachers do not use assessment information effectively to plan learning for the most able and those who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities.

A significant minority of parents are not positive about the quality of provision.

The report also highlights the following strengths

The principal, trust, leaders and governors are determined to raise standards in the school.

Leadership and provision in the sixth form are good.

A broad, balanced curriculum is matched well to pupils’ abilities and interests. Pupils greatly value enrichment activities and trips.

Good careers advice ensures that pupils progress into education, training or employment.

The school has responded to the report by detailing a “plan for rapid improvement”.

The plan aims to fast track and strengthen actions which began in September 2017 but were not, according to the school ” complete by the time of the inspection”.

A spokesperson said: “The school intends to raise the achievement of vulnerable groups such as low ability children, students with special educational needs, disadvantaged students at the school as well as increase parental engagement and positivity.

Principal of Gable Hall, Clive Stokes said: “It is true that this school requires improvement and since the summer of 2017, we have been vigorously implementing measures to tackle the issues raised in this report.

“We will seek external validation for the improvements we make so that parents know that the actions we are taking are making the visible difference we need.

“We are delighted that our students feel safe in school and that the Ortu 6th Form is ‘Good’ in all aspects”.

Chair of Governors, Robb Harman said: “We will make good use of parental and wider support to ensure that rapid improvement is visible to all our students and parents and we welcome the support of all our stakeholders in this vital improvement journey”.

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