Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Grays Lives Project: Debbie Fowler: All Signposts lead to Grays

DEBBIE Fowler works for Signpost. They are based in Crown House in Grays and do a wonderful job in getting people back to work or, to be precise, signposting people back to work.

The Grays branch is run by Debbie Fowler. Debbie has lived and worked in Grays for nearly all her life.

We popped into their office to talk to Debbie about living and working in Grays.

Debbie Fowler

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  1. Well done to anyone who tries to get more people into work.

    I also feel we need to create and get back more high skilled high paid long term permanent jobs.
    Our low skilled low paid short term race to the bottom economy. Is not the way to go.
    What will the Tories and New Labour say about this?
    Please post below politicians..

    New Labour and the Conservatives selling Britain out by the Pound.


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