Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The Garrison Estate in Purfleet: “Abandoned and living in fear”

A COUNCILLOR for the ward that covers the Garrison Estate in Purfleet has asked for assurances from the leader of Thurrock Council that they will address residents concerns over rising crime and anti-social behaviour.

Labour councillor, Oliver Gerrish asked Thurrock Council leader, Rob Gledhill (Cons) a number of questions at Wednesday nights meeting at Thurrock Council.

Chieftan Drive


  1. Cut police budget by 50% and give a business rates cut to Amazon inTilbury.

    Theres a monkey and an amazon £10 gift voucher n it for every councillor

  2. It’s not the Garrison Estate that’s the problem it’s the animals that now live on it.

  3. The garrison has always been a bit rough but crime seems to be spiralling out of control,decent people do not even feel safe in their own homes.


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