Thursday, April 18, 2024

Save Elm Road Park: Thurrock Tory questions political motivation behind campaigners

A SENIOR Tory Thurrock Councillor has questioned the political motivation behind those campaigning to save a park in Grays.

Portfolio holder for education, cllr James Halden was responding to a question from Grays Thurrock councillor, John Kent.

Cllr Kent asked: “Can the Portfolio Holder explain to the residents of Elm Road, Maple Road and the surrounding streets why they should lose their much loved six acre park?

Cllr Halden’s answer is below. After making reference to school places he then made reference to the political affiliation of protestors.

He said: “I was very disappointed with your tweet, turning up with Labour councillors, Labour activists, all in red rosettes, some failed candidates.”



  1. And what was the political affiliation of the Thurrock park protesters against new housing being built?.

  2. Rocket1. in all my life I have never come across a Tory protester.
    Bloody Conservative left wing Hippies the lot of them.

  3. Them Tory nimbys from Thurrock park stopped any building behind their middle class houses and are now in favour of building beh

  4. You do have a good point on that one, Too be fair.

    I guess Thurrock working class Elm Road Park voters don’t vote upper class Tory in enough numbers.


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